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Did You Hear The News?
We're A B-Corp

We spend a lot of time thinking about how the work we do impacts others. I mean, it's in our blood as Marketers and Strategists.

People are, inherently, consumers. Consumers of stories. Consumers of products. Consumers of goods and services.

And if you are what you eat (or consume on Facebook) then we want to make sure that you (and I) are made of good stuff.

Because at the end of the day, we're all part of this world and we're all part of the story.

We want to make sure that our story is one we, and our clients, can be proud of. And that takes work. We don't have it all figured out (like, not even a little bit.) but we're dedicated to showing up every day to get a little closer.

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So, What Does This Look Like In Practice?

Where We Started - 2020

2020 b-corp impact report cover
Read Our 2020 Impact Report

2020 was quite the year to launch new initiatives. Along with the rest of the world we buckled down and had to decide whether or not we were going to sink or swim.

If we were to do a year in review it looked a lot like grit, that shrug emoji guy we all love, and a lot of plowing ahead anyway.

We leaned into Zoom, got better at thinking about how to build community online, and found new ways to be inspired by the mentors, friends, and clients that surrounded us and stuck with us.


Community and Global Partners We Stand By


Our Story

Founded in 2012, No-Where Consultants has come a long ways. What started off as a development shop for hire has turned into a team of dedicated and passionate designers, developers and thinkers. We've grown quietly and carefully. It hasn't been easy but nothing worth doing ever is.

We're a small business with a lot of drive and that shows in our projects, our loyal client base and our constant dissatisfaction with "Good Enough" solutions.

If it involves digital marketing, there's nothing we haven't done or seen. Large e-Commerce? We're on it. We speak Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and everything in between. Small and scrappy startup site? We've got some killer beginner friendly packages that make you feel like a legitimate business.




Larissa Uredi | CEO | Fave Band: The Decemberists


Aaron Crabb | CTO | Fave Band: Red Hot Chili Peppers *for the purposes of this website


Brelann Lawler | Client and Content Strategist| Fave Band: Nahko And Medicine For The People

2021 - A Year For Growth

If reeling our way through 2020 was acceptable, we felt a sense of true responsibility start to set in as we entered 2021.

We were standing and we had a chance to build on our successes, trials, lessons, and to step into the company that we want to be.

In June of 2021 we were finally granted our B-Corp status. It was a truly exciting time and it's held us accountable to the lofty goals we tout.

Read Our 2021 Impact Report

Read Our 2021 Impact Report

2021 b-corp impact report cover